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Prostanthera species?


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  2018-09-14 01:08 PM


  -37.481312 , 144.536958 : 496.067 m

Near 531 Hobbs Rd, Bullengarook VIC 3437, Australia


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  1. Lawrie Conole  Prostanthera decussata?

    Reply • 14 Sep

  2. David Francis  Looks like the Westringia glabra growing in my garden. Rare in Victoria but known in the Lerdederg. A better view of the leaves/stems would help id. although it seems to be a good match.

    Reply • 14 Sep

  3. David Francis  Compare

    Reply • 14 Sep

  4. John Walter  This is a Westringia not a Prostanthera. The calyx lobes on Prostanthera are one upper and one lower - both oval shaped. On Westringia the calyx lobes are pointed like this plant and from memory there are five lobes

    Reply • 16 Sep

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