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  2014-05-22 01:12 PM


  -38.55174 , 143.756027 : 225.474 m

Near Barwon Downs VIC 3243, Australia


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  1. zeke1944  Hypocrea gelatinosum. Grows on well rotted wood often underneath. Seen at Lake Elizabeth. Not on Data base.

    Reply • 22 Aug 2018

  2. zeke1944  Featured in Gates p223

    Reply • 23 Aug 2018

  3. Chris Lindorff  I can find reference to Hypocrea gelatinosa and Trichoderma gelatinosum (as synonyms). The ALA is currently accepting the latter name, referencing the NZ Organism Register. What information or advice do you have regarding current nomenclature? Thanks. Chris.

    Reply • 23 Aug 2018

  4. zeke1944  ID by the fungi group from the reference in the guide book. Could also be under Creopus gelatinosus.

    Reply • 24 Aug 2018

  5. John Walter  The accepted name is now Trichoderma gelatinosum. Many species of fungi have very different forms, depending on whether they were present in a sexual phase or an asexual phase. (Fungi seriously question our understanding of sex and even of species). In this instance the Telemorph, or sexual phase has been identified as Hypocrea, while the asexual phase or Anamorph is Trichoderma. Initially these phases were thought to be entirely different species but once it was understood that they were the same species it left a naming problem for the taxonomists. Initially precedence was given to the Telemorph but this did not work out so well with Hypocrea species as they can be extremely difficult to separate based on Telemorph features alone. A revised International Code of Nomenclature came into effect in June 2011 which required the adoption of one name only for these dualist species and Trichoderma predates the name Hypocrea by 31 years and has become the accepted name for the species formerly known as Hypocrea.

    Reply • 26 Aug 2018

  6. Chris Lindorff  Thanks John. Trichoderma gelatinosum added to database (with Hypocrea gelatinosa listed as a synonym).

    Reply • 27 Aug 2018

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