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Single specimen <5cm, growing in sandy soil and damp moss. Area was quite moist after a couple of days of consistent rain. Caladenia sp. leaf (possibly C. parva) on the left in the image.


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  2018-07-12 11:40 AM


  -38.345073 , 144.725292 : 31.653 m

Near Sorrento VIC 3943, Australia


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  1. Lorraine Phelan  Lovely. I've just edited mine as Parasola plicatilis which I think is a synonym of Coprinus plicatilis.

    Reply • 20 Aug 2018

  2. Bernie Lingham  Noted thanks Lorraine. You'll see I've edited this observation to the same species.

    Reply • 20 Aug 2018

  3. zeke1944  Careful this image could be Parasola virgulicolens a species which is often found as a single specimen in dryer areas and has a grainy cap. P plicatilis tend to be whitish and a bit shiny.

    Reply • 20 Aug 2018

  4. John Walter  Great image. Sorry, I am caught up with other work for a few days but I suggest you download the Perth Field Book - - This has a number of Coprinus species not covered in the average guide book and will provide some insight. I do not think this is Parasola, but the slightly hairy stipe and veil remains on the cap should help with ID. The UK has around 65 species of Inkcap whereas our guidebooks have listed only half a dozen or so. I will look at these posts properly when I get time later in the week.

    Reply • 20 Aug 2018

  5. Bernie Lingham  Thank you John and Zeke. Much appreciated. I've downloaded the ebook and will investigate further.

    Reply • 21 Aug 2018

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