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  2016-06-01 11:50 AM


  -38.516861 , 143.917432 : 386.003 m

Near Lorne VIC 3232, Australia


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  1. David Francis  Hygrocybe reesiae added/corrected.

    Reply • 14 Aug 2018

  2. zeke1944  Hygrocybe reesiae not in data base. Seen around Blanket leaf area a couple ot times.

    Reply • 18 Aug 2018

  3. John Walter  Are both images from the same group?

    Reply • 18 Aug 2018

  4. zeke1944  Yes there was quite a group.

    Reply • 19 Aug 2018

  5. John Walter  I was a bit concerned by the pale base to the stipe and whether that indicated this was H. cheelii, however there is no indication of the pink tones of that species. Could Hygrocybe reesiae be added to the database please.

    Reply • 19 Aug 2018

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