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  2018-07-30 05:11 PM [Melbourne]


  -37.429939 , 144.435764 : 669.495 m

Near Ashbourne VIC 3442, Australia


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  1. zeke1944  Gates p56

    Reply • 30 Jul 2018

  2. zeke1944  Cortinarius submagellanicus

    Reply • 30 Jul 2018

  3. John Walter  Still working on this one, it does have a lot of similarity to C. submagellanicus and that is the most likely candidate but the striations are not as prominent and upper stipe colour has me wondering. Looking to eliminate other possibilities in the C. violaceus group and checking through Gasparini's Phlegmacium in Tasmania.

    Reply • 01 Aug 2018

  4. zeke1944  The color didn't come out quite right and the correct adjustment difficult . One of the flaws of otherwise a great Camera is its too easy to flip the filter wheel whilst concentrating elsewhere and there is no lock. This species is viscid which C violaceus is not. It alsao becomes brown quite quickly due to ripening spore

    Reply • 01 Aug 2018

  5. John Walter  I was expecting more prominent striations as seen on your specimens from near Forrest posted on another site on June 5. Perhaps you could add this Forrest observation with the stongly marked striations to this site and I can put it into the Otways group as a comparison and to show the range. I also expected the stipe colour that this shows at the base to extend all the way up as it does on other specimens I have tracked down from Tasmania. There is nothing else in Gasparini that is even close. Could Cortinarius submagellanicus be added to the database please.

    Reply • 01 Aug 2018

  6. Cathy Powers  Species added to dataset.

    Reply • 02 Aug 2018

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