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  2012-10-21 05:47 PM


  -37.308543 , 143.717936 : 492.168 m

Near Mount Beckworth VIC 3363, Australia


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  1. zeke1944  Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia species id suggested

    Reply • 30 Jul 2018

  2. Ben Fisher  Thanks Zeke! I would try and help with the Fungi but it's not something i am any good at.

    Reply • 30 Jul 2018

  3. David Francis  This has the look of Ceilanthes sieberi (Narrow Rock-fern) but impossible to distinguish from photos

    Reply • 31 Jul 2018

    • Ben Fisher  Thanks David. What would you look for in the field? Good to know if i come across it again.

      Reply • 31 Jul 2018

  4. David Francis  austrotenuifolia often has more widely spaced "leaflets" along the "stem" which is often not so vertical; and the general outine of on frond (the lamina) is more wide/triangular rather narrow ellips

    Reply • 31 Jul 2018

  5. David Francis  .... rather than narrow/elliptical. Close up of underside showing position of sori is used in id.

    Reply • 31 Jul 2018

  6. Ben Fisher  Thanks for the detailed response David.

    Reply • 31 Jul 2018

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