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Suburban garden. Three images including one showing cross-section.


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  2018-06-26 04:05 PM


  -38.177069 , 144.306976 : 66.19 m

Near Wandana Heights VIC 3216, Australia


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  1. John Walter  This shows quite a thick "skin" on the cut image which does not match what I have seen for Pisolithus. It is consistent however with many of the related Scleroderma species and the reticulation and splitting of the skin" is also consistent with Scleroderma. The species of Scleroderma generally illustrated have yellow or pale "skins" but there are brown species such as Scleroderma paradoxum. I would suggest Scleroderma spp. for now and I would have to first locate the various species descriptions to take it further.

    Reply • 27 Jun 2018

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