A paler anthered Dianella than usually seen in the area?


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  2017-10-28 08:47 AM


  -36.788548 , 144.387091 : 209.874 m

Near Junortoun VIC 3551, Australia


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  1. David Francis  Dianella revoluta now(2017) includes forms with anthers ranging from brown(not yellowish-brown) to almost black. The brown-anthered forms were for some years incorrectly separated out as D. admixta. The anthers on your specimen are an unusually light brown but I don't think yellowish-brown. The leaves in the third photo can be seen to be revolute, particularly near the bases which gives it as revoluta.

    Reply • 15 Apr

  2. David Francis  Dianella revoluta var. revoluta species id suggested

    Reply • 15 Apr

  3. David Francis  The common name "Black-anther Flax-lily" is misleading, better to call it "Revolute-leaf Flax-lily".

    Reply • 15 Apr

  4. Andrew Brown  Thanks again David for your valued information.

    Reply • 15 Apr

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