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  2018-04-09 08:17 PM


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  1. Peter Clark  3 pix.....very large moth..

    Reply • 09 Apr 2018

  2. Cathy Powers  Peter, this is a Hepialidae and from what I can see it looks like Abantiades marcidus (which are flying at the moment). I can't be 100% sure because of the angle of the moth in the image.

    Reply • 09 Apr 2018

  3. Peter Clark  gday cathy,added another 3 pixs....dont know if that helps you.

    Reply • 09 Apr 2018

  4. Cathy Powers  Hello Peter, thanks for the additional images. I have had a serious look and I feel more confident that this is certainly a Hepialidae and most likely Trictena atripalpis. It is a female.

    Reply • 11 Apr 2018

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