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Found at low tide in a rocky channel this egg-case was well attached by the tendril at one end to something below a covering of sand.
Also known as Swellshark or Draughtboard shark. The case was about 250mm long, squared at one end and tapered to a point at the other. Each end had two long, curly tendrils. The shark is a benthic zone species native to Australian waters. A very similar and related species is found in New Zealand.

Date & Time

  2018-03-22 05:20 PM


  -37.800064 , 148.743578 : 0.62 m

Near Victoria, Australia


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  1. Lorraine Phelan  Is it an egg case?

    Reply • 29 Mar 2018

    • Mark Ridgway  Yes Lorraine... from an all Aussie benthic shark.

      Reply • 29 Mar 2018

  2. David Francis  Cephaloscyllium laticeps added to database. Nice to see marine species.

    Reply • 29 Mar 2018

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