Woodlands Historic Park - Lepidoptera

Woodlands Historic Park - Lepidoptera

by Andrew Allen


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Sorry about the poor quality heavily cropped photos! During a quick visit to WHP yesterday afternoon I saw this butterfly flying around. After watching and following it for a while, it landed about six metres up a tree and I was finally able to get some distant photos. I have had a go at ID and I'm fairly sure it's a female Ogyris abrota (dark purple azure). There were quite a few patches of mistletoe in the area, which is the host plant for the caterpillars of this species. A rare butterfly and a lucky find!

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  2018-03-03 04:45 PM [Melbourne]


  -37.631346 , 144.847617 : 132.902 m

Near Greenvale VIC 3059, Australia


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