Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris

Eastern Spinebill


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  2018-02-18 05:11 PM


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  1. Francis Ebury  I've been observing these for over 20 years and have never seen them feeding on the ground before.I posted on the Victorian Birders site, and gather others have seen this behaviour in juveniles, but this year.

    Reply • 19 Feb 2018

  2. David Francis  I added the tag "bird-behaviour". Click on this to see other records with this tag.

    Reply • 19 Feb 2018

  3. Michael Gooch  On mossy ground, and after heavy dew I have had lots of birds you would not normally see on the ground, happily feeding and maybe getting some moisture also. At the end of last year I had a group of ~40 Pardalotes (mostly Striated with some Spotted also), a few Fuscous and Yellow-tufted Honeyeaters and seven Flame Robins all within a small area of about 20sqm. Amazing to watch.

    Reply • 19 Feb 2018

  4. Francis Ebury  At what location, Michael? It was the fact that it was a Honeyeater that surprised me. The Eastern Spinebill is very common here (top of Mt. Macedon) where there are plenty of blossoms to feed on

    Reply • 20 Feb 2018

    • Michael Gooch  Clunes, VIC :) Also I've seen Yellow-tufted, Fuscous and White-plumed HEs quite regularly feed on the ground.

      Reply • 31 Mar 2018

  5. Chris Lindorff  I have observed juvenile Eastern Spinebill feeding on the ground also, but it was the nectar from Atroloma humifusum they were after. Observation on Natureshare

    Reply • 26 Feb 2018

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