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collecting water from lemon leaf on a 30 degree day.

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  2018-01-29 02:08 PM


  -37.786043 , 144.924954 : 21.884 m

Near Flemington VIC 3031, Australia


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  1. Nath10154  Vespula germanica species id suggested

    Reply • 31 Jan 2018

  2. David Francis  One of these species? (Ancistrocerus sp.? ) http://aramel.free.fr/INSECTES14ter-11'.shtml

    Reply • 31 Jan 2018

  3. David Francis  Worth putting up on Bowerbird for Ken Walker to look at. Could be something new for Victoria.

    Reply • 31 Jan 2018

  4. David Francis  Thomas, Are you able to add it to the Bowerbird project "Australian Wasps"? The wasp people may notice it there. I'll put the id back to Vespidae family for the time being.

    Reply • 04 Feb 2018

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