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wasp parisitizing large pupa. The body of the cocoon is 30mm long. 2nd photo just after withdrawal of ovipositor.

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  2018-01-27 09:49 AM


  -37.644222 , 144.861166 : 138.543 m

Near Greenvale VIC 3059, Australia


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  1. Peter Marriott  The wasp is parasitising a case moth through its case. Probably Hyalarcta nigrescens.

    Reply • 27 Jan 2018

  2. Jeff Triplett  I assume the moth is in the pupal stage since the bag is looks pretty permanently attached and I don't see an opening? I am just asking because your wording implies it is not a pupa.

    Reply • 28 Jan 2018

    • Peter Marriott  It may be a pupa. It may also still be a caterpillar. They are efficient at sealing themselves in. There are openings at the top and bottom. The amazing thing is the wasp's ability to find the case and be adapted to have a long enough ovipositor to be effective. The image shows something that is rarely if ever seen.

      Reply • 31 Jan 2018

      • Jeff Triplett  Thanks. so there is no way to tell if has pupated (unless you see it moving of course)?

        Reply • 31 Jan 2018

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