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A brown algae with a thallus (body) with multiple holes of varying sizes. The algae is said to be about 10 cm in diameter. But in the one that was washed ashore it was a loose mesh like a woolen hair net. The whole mass was compressible and soft.
Found on the inter-tidal zone off Western Port Bay (Balnarring Beach). They are said to grow in the tidal zone.
'Hydro' = water, 'Clathrus' = mesh
This species forms dense mats.

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  2018-01-20 03:54 PM


  -38.396394 , 145.115697 : 2.374 m

Near Victoria, Australia


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  1. David Francis  Hydroclathrus clathratus added. Great to see some marine biodiversity!

    Reply • 27 Jan 2018

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