Woodlands Historic Park - Lepidoptera

Woodlands Historic Park - Lepidoptera

by Andrew Allen


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  2018-01-04 04:18 PM [Melbourne]


  -37.653542 , 144.87385 : 200.135 m

Near Greenvale VIC 3059, Australia


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  1. Jeff Triplett  waiting for a mate at the top of the hill

    Reply • 04 Jan 2018

  2. Andrew Allen  Wow. Now I know what I’m doing tomorrow...

    Reply • 04 Jan 2018

  3. David Francis  AFD has Charaxes sempronius for the Tailed Emperor. Also http://lepidoptera.butterflyhouse.com.au/nymp/sempronius.html. I think we should update the name. A fabulous observation, by the way.

    Reply • 04 Jan 2018

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