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Cockroach Ellipsidion humeralis


Date & Time

  2017-12-20 09:20 PM


  -38.177667 , 144.306846 : 73.245 m

Near Wandana Heights VIC 3216, Australia


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  1. David Francis  ALA/AFD do not list Ellipsidion humeralis but do list Ellipsidion humerale. Bowerbird has it the other way around and contributors use both as alternative spellings. As we follow the ALA/AFD

    Reply • 27 Dec 2017

  2. David Francis  ... as we follow the ALA/AFD I feel that E. humerale should be used in NatureShare even though E. humeralis is widely used. Also David Rentz in his book, Cockroaches of Australia uses E. humerale.

    Reply • 27 Dec 2017

  3. David Francis  I've added E. humerallis as a synonym of E. humerale - a solution of convenience which may or may not be technically correct.

    Reply • 27 Dec 2017

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