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  2017-12-10 11:54 AM


  -36.484092 , 143.781722 : 169.857 m

Near Powlett Plains VIC 3517, Australia


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  1. Andrew Allen  Looks more like a young robin

    Reply • 10 Dec 2017

  2. Chris Lindorff  Was thinking the same myself. White eye-ring, dark legs, pale wing markings, stance.

    Reply • 10 Dec 2017

  3. Andrew Brown  Would it be a Scarlett Robin?

    Reply • 10 Dec 2017

  4. Andrew Allen  I think it's a Scarlet Robin mostly based on the large white spot above the bill

    Reply • 11 Dec 2017

    • Chris Lindorff  Could well be, but I am not seeing a white spot so clearly. The dark ring appears to be a shadowline. Location is good for both Red-capped and Hooded Robins.

      Reply • 11 Dec 2017

  5. Lawrie Conole  Juvenile Red-capped Robin based on streaking to side of breast and general shape. Less plump than a similar aged Scarlet Robin and slightly different markings. Absolutely not a Hooded Robin.

    Reply • 12 Dec 2017

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