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This is one of the most attractive of pyralids. It sat upright resting on its legs, hlding up a recurved abdomen. Wings ( span about 15 mm) were a beautiful and rich mix of deep red and orange. The fore wings were divided into three parts with the mid section showing a dark spot near the costa. Antennae were swept back.
Attracted to bright lights in the house.
My thanks to Cathy Powers for the ID.

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  2017-11-29 11:49 PM


  -37.898387 , 145.311202 : 139.411 m

Near Upper Ferntree Gully VIC 3156, Australia


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  1. Cathy Powers  Added.

    Reply • 30 Nov 2017

  2. Cathy Powers  Leuba - from my investigations, Persicoptera aglaopa has different markings on the hindwing than your image. It has yellow with a dark band at the outer margin of the hindwing. This appears to be more like Endosimilis stilbealis - perhaps gender specific.

    Reply • 30 Nov 2017

  3. Leuba Ridgway  Thank you Cathy. I believe you are right. I found a moth very similar in colour to mine on and it was E.stilbealis.

    Reply • 03 Dec 2017

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