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This gigantic and heavy moth was about 65 mm long and looked like a roll of burnt paper. The fore wings had attractive blotchy patches of black, brown, grey and white with the inner margins folding over each other in a wave. The grey thorax had two short black tufts of setae. Antennae were smooth and short. The abdomen was covered with dense grey setae; it looked and felt heavy.
Spotted under bright lights near a national park.

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  2014-01-11 12:16 AM


  -37.892968 , 145.310601 : 132.812 m

Near Upper Ferntree Gully VIC 3156, Australia


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  1. Mark Ridgway  Maybe E lituratus ?

    Reply • 29 Nov 2017

  2. Cathy Powers  Probably best to list this as Endoxyla sp until further work is done on this group.

    Reply • 30 Nov 2017

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