Birds of Whittlesea

Birds of Whittlesea

by James Booth


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  2017-11-07 04:23 PM


  -37.48459 , 145.037276 : 328.287 m

Near Beveridge VIC 3753, Australia


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  1. Suzi Duncan  Myzomela sanguinolenta species id suggested

    Reply • 25 Nov 2017

  2. Cathy Powers  Suzi - what a sensational observation,

    Reply • 26 Nov 2017

    • Suzi Duncan  Thank you very kindly Cathy, I am new to this and only just learning how to put photographs on Nature share. your comments means a great deal.

      Reply • 30 Nov 2017

  3. Lawrie Conole  There is a fairly massive irruption of this species into central Victoria going on at the moment. They are almost the dominant sound in Kyneton in the bird department right now, and the most common honeyeater in town gardens right now.

    Reply • 27 Nov 2017

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