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  2017-11-19 10:43 AM


  -38.319221 , 142.627306


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  1. John Walter  This is a Bitter-cress, either a Cardamine or a Rorippa species, you need to also see the basal leaves and take some measurements to get an I.D.

    Reply • 20 Nov 2017

  2. Chris Lindorff  I agree with John. The leaves suggest Rorippa, and quite possibly R. dictyosperma.

    Reply • 20 Nov 2017

  3. Lorraine Phelan  I'm impressed with your knowledge, John and Chris.

    Reply • 21 Nov 2017

  4. Kevin Sparrow  I have gone with Rorippa laciniata which occurs in our area

    Reply • 21 Nov 2017

  5. Chris Lindorff  I have had a look at the flora key noe and I agree with R.laciniata. Four stamens only.

    Reply • 21 Nov 2017

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