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On Benwerrin Walk, Mt Richmond. Location approximate.


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  2017-10-14 12:02 PM


  -38.270606 , 141.420261 : 187.4 m

Near Mount Richmond VIC 3305, Australia


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  1. Andrew Allen  I can't see the eye but I think it's a Buff-rumpled Thornbill

    Reply • 18 Oct 2017

    • Lawrie Conole  I don't believe it's a thornbill. The bill and legs are too robust. The overall buff colour, including the whole dorsal surface of the tail, suggests to be that it might be a juvenile Chestnut-rumped Heathwren.

      Reply • 19 Oct 2017

      • Andrew Allen  I sent the image to a few birding friends and they said that this is a Brown Thornbill. If you lighten up the image you will see the streaks on the breast and the scalloped forehead.

        Reply • 19 Oct 2017

        • Lawrie Conole  That's fine. I'm happy to defer to those who've had a closer look. Don't have the facility to change the image parameters right now!

          Reply • 23 Oct 2017

    • Lawrie Conole  "suggests to _me_" is what I meant to write!

      Reply • 19 Oct 2017

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