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Unidentified bugs(?) on Acacia mearnsii. They are only about 3mm long.

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  2017-05-11 01:50 PM


  -37.642449 , 144.865093 : 161.637 m

Near Greenvale VIC 3059, Australia


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  1. David Francis  Triozidae spp. species id suggested

    Reply • 20 Sep 2017

  2. David Francis  Trifurcation of wing veins is an identifying feature.

    Reply • 20 Sep 2017

  3. Jeff Triplett  Interesting. I did a search on google scholar and found the following sentence "As a family the Triozidae feed on a broad range of dicotyledonous host plants with the notable exception of the Leguminoseae". see A new genus and ten new species of jumping plant lice (Hemiptera: Triozidae) from Allocasuarina (Casuarinaceae) in Australia, Taylor et al 2011.

    Reply • 25 Sep 2017

  4. Jeff Triplett  Australian faunal directory also does not show acacia as a host for this family

    Reply • 25 Sep 2017

  5. David Francis  I'll put it back to "unidentified" subject to further investigation.

    Reply • 25 Sep 2017

  6. David Francis  Psyllidae spp. species id suggested

    Reply • 25 Sep 2017

  7. David Francis  Could be this one:

    Reply • 25 Sep 2017

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