Chalcites basalis

Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo

Synonym: Chrysococcyx basalis

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Noticed the two different calls. The background noise were from trains and apartment construction nearby.

Date & Time

  2017-08-29 10:46 AM


  -37.797131 , 144.913069 : 4.239 m

Near Footscray VIC 3011, Australia


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David Francis, Lawrie Conole, and Andrew Brown starred this.

  1. David Francis  Clearly showing the dark stripe through the eye and ear-coverts and barring missing from a wide area of the middle of the breast which distinguishes it from the similar Shining Bronze Cuckoo.

    Reply • 30 Aug 2017

  2. David Francis  Sparrow-like chirrup at first with main call starting at about 38 seconds from start.(Descending, repeated whistle).

    Reply • 30 Aug 2017

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