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A dark moth with a wing span of about 35 to 40 mm with dense setae on thorax and legs. Fore wings had scalloped trailing margins. Faint flecks of yellow-green were seen on costa and submarginal areas of wings. Feathery antennae were a deep red. Labial palps short.
Could not make out much else against the darkness of the velvety wings but could see fine wavy lines. There were about three of these moths around bright lights on a cool evening.

My thanks to Cathy Powers and Peter Marriott for the ID.

Date & Time

  2017-08-01 09:39 PM


  -37.893101 , 145.31234 : 143.577 m

Near Upper Ferntree Gully VIC 3156, Australia


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  1. Cathy Powers  Leuba - looks like a Praxis but I will search further.

    Reply • 31 Aug 2017

  2. Cathy Powers  This is Praxis pandesma and the ID has been confirmed by Peter Marriott. This genus will be featured in MOV8 due to be published this year.

    Reply • 31 Aug 2017

    • Leuba Ridgway  Thank you so much Cathy & Peter Marriott- a new one for me ! and quite an attractive moth.

      Reply • 03 Sep 2017

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