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Anybody have an idea of what this is? My first thought was Boxthorn but leaves are different. Shrub has been heavily browsed by livestock and is covered in lichen. Getting what looks like buds coming on it now.

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  2017-08-07 10:51 AM


  -38.159599 , 142.369004 : 125.993 m

Near Warrong VIC 3283, Australia


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  1. David Francis  Possibly Lycium afrum (Kraal Honeythorn) or some other Lycium sp. Need mature flowers for positive id.

    Reply • 08 Aug 2017

  2. Kevin Sparrow  Your good, David. Thanks for that, I will keep an eye on it and get a photo of the flowers.

    Reply • 08 Aug 2017

  3. Kevin Sparrow  Could also be Melicitus dentatus Tree Violet

    Reply • 10 Aug 2017

  4. David Francis  Agree. Tree Violet a better match and more likely to be found there

    Reply • 10 Aug 2017

  5. Kevin Sparrow  I have a positive ID for this plant from Neville Walsh as Melicytus angustifolius subsp. divaricatus. Chris this new name is not yet listed on Natureshare

    Reply • 11 Aug 2017

  6. Chris Lindorff  I will be making a few updates to names, including this one, today.

    Reply • 14 Aug 2017

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