A hawk circling above a pair of Wedge-Tailed Eagles high in the sky. Not sure of the species, see 2nd shot

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  2017-06-03 02:05 PM [Melbourne]


  -36.77842 , 144.381503 : 204.821 m

Near Junortoun VIC 3551, Australia


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  1. David Francis  Second bird a Black Kite?

    Reply • 04 Jun 2017

  2. Lawrie Conole  Yes, Black Kite.

    Reply • 05 Jun 2017

  3. Lawrie Conole  Actually - too hard to rule out Square-tailed Kite from Black Kite with the back lighting as it is. Some features suggest STQ - small head, rufous underparts, hint of a white wing window, tail more square than forked due to artefact of the light).

    Reply • 06 Jun 2017

    • Andrew Brown  Thanks Lawrie, just looking through the other phots of both I'd go with Black Kite but it isn't a great shot for a positive id so I'll leave it as unknown.

      Reply • 12 Jun 2017

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