Small almost black moth approx. 16mm. Could be the same species as previous obs.?

Date & Time

  2017-05-13 07:24 PM


  -36.77842 , 144.381503 : 204.821 m

Near Junortoun VIC 3551, Australia


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  1. Vuk Vojis  I am thinking about, Proteuxoa atra.

    Reply • 16 May 2017

  2. Cathy Powers  This is not Proteuxoa atra but a review of this genus is ongoing at present and until that review is finished, I would be reluctant to put any ID other that Proteuxoa sp.

    Reply • 16 May 2017

  3. Vuk Vojis  I agree, The problem is that pattern is very common for Proteuxoa, Noctuidaes are big pain for correct ID from the Photso.

    Reply • 16 May 2017

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