Nemophora spp.


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2017-05-10 05:22 PM [Melbourne]


-38.03842 , 145.12639 : 6.509 m

Near Chelsea Heights VIC 3196, Australia


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  1. Vuk Vojis  Nemophora panaeola fam. Adelidae. There is not record in Data Base, I saw hundreds of them enjoying sun.

    Reply • 10 May 2017

    • David Francis  N. panaeola seems to be Queensland only although the yellow mark near the base of the wing does suggest panaeola. If panaeola this would be the first record on the ALA out of Queensland. It would be good to see another photo.

      Reply • 10 May 2017

  2. Vuk Vojis  I let him to go away, but i make couple of photos of labial palp and proboscis, may be can help. I never studied Adelidae.

    Reply • 10 May 2017

  3. Cathy Powers  I have had P. Marriott have a look at this and it is probably not N. panaeola. He suggests that it be named Nemophora sp. and I concur, however it is a beautiful image of a wonderful little moth.

    Reply • 10 May 2017

  4. Vuk Vojis  Thanks Cathy

    Reply • 10 May 2017

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