Woodlands Historic Park - Lepidoptera

Woodlands Historic Park - Lepidoptera

by Andrew Allen


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6 photos included. I've been going back to the same place for about a month now specifically to see how some caterpillars that I first saw as hatchlings would develop. Today at the exact same place as previous observations I found three Comocrus behri. But I also found about 10 caterpillars that looked exactly the same as the last time I saw them. Either they haven't moulted yet, or they aren't Comocrus behri and finding these three in the exact same spot is a miraculous coincidence. I will return for another look soon... Edit: It turns out that it was an amazing conincidence, as the caterpillars I had been following were Delias aganippe.

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  2017-03-23 05:00 PM [Melbourne]


  -37.648512 , 144.858555 : m


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  1. David Francis  Stunning photos!

    Reply • 23 Mar 2017

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