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One of the largest dragonflies resting very still for the camera, allowing close-ups of its anatomy. Note T-shaped black mark on forehead (frons). (4 photos)

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  2017-02-14 03:15 PM


  -37.408133 , 144.595166


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  1. David Francis  Males and females similar - not sure how to tell them apart.

    Reply • 15 Feb 2017

  2. Chris Lindorff  Great detail David. If the difference between males and females is the number of hairs between the wings, this photo would certainly enable that.

    Reply • 15 Feb 2017

  3. David Francis  I think I've found the answer. In dragonfly species that do not display sexual dimorphism, there are differences in the terminal abdominal appendages. In the male these appendages are well-developed comprising paired dorsal cerci with a single third appendage called the epiproct below (see 4th photo). These are used for clasping the female. The female has only a vestigial pair of cerci. So that makes this individual a male, if I have this right.

    Reply • 15 Feb 2017

  4. David Francis  Edit*there are still differences in the.....*. This difference in terminal appendages applies to all dragonflies

    Reply • 15 Feb 2017

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