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This attractive Cossid moth would have been about 40 to 45 mm long. Has the distinct black upside down "V" pattern on the thorax seen in Endoxyla genus.
Spotted unfurling its wings. I would greatly appreciate any assistance with an ID. Thanks.


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  2017-01-27 06:26 PM


  -37.326703 , 144.041223 : 507.219 m

Near Blampied VIC 3364, Australia


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  1. Cathy Powers  Absolutely fantastic images. Not one I am familiar with but will chase some ID help.

    Reply • 05 Feb 2017

    • Leuba Ridgway  Thank you Cathy. I was hoping you'd have a look at it. This photo was taken by a friend who passed it on to me and gave me permission to use it. He saw it unfurling its wings - so a very fresh specimen !

      Reply • 05 Feb 2017

  2. Andrew Brown  Looks very similar to a moth I observed

    Reply • 05 Feb 2017

    • Leuba Ridgway  Thanks Andrew. I too think it's perhaps an Endoxyla moth. It does look a little like yours.

      Reply • 05 Feb 2017

  3. Cathy Powers  Endoxyla spp. species id suggested

    Reply • 06 Feb 2017

  4. Cathy Powers  Had Peter Marriott look at this and since the Cossidae group are in a big mess as far as ID of species is concerned, he recommended the best ID would be Endoxyla spp. Sometime down the track we may have these sorted out. Leuba, Peter agreed that the images were of a very newly emerged specimen!

    Reply • 06 Feb 2017

    • Leuba Ridgway  Thank you very much for your help Cathy and thanks also to Peter Mariott. My friend will be so pleased that his spotting has had expert input !

      Reply • 06 Feb 2017

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