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Common in this forest over the last 4-6 weeks. With my limited fungi field skills I don't know what the species is. Looks close to Amanita ochrophylloides. Fruiting body c. 120mm diameter in this case, but many are larger.

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  2017-01-30 09:02 AM


  -37.331055 , 144.354752


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  1. Lawrie Conole  Amanita ochrophylloides species id suggested

    Reply • 31 Jan 2017

  2. Lawrie Conole  And by the way, I didn't pull that fungus up - some previous passer by wallaby or similar did so & took the opportunity for a gillside photo.

    Reply • 31 Jan 2017

  3. David Francis  Hi Lawrie. If you aren't sure of the species, it's best to leave it as Amanita spp. Fungi are really hard to id from photos.

    Reply • 31 Jan 2017

  4. David Francis  Lawrie, I just added Amanita spp. to NS so it's now available.

    Reply • 31 Jan 2017

  5. Lawrie Conole  Tom May says 'Amanita ochrophylla group'! There are lots more still coming up even though it's much drier in the area now.

    Reply • 28 Feb 2017

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