Junortoun Flora

Junortoun Flora

by Andrew Brown





Small prickly leaved shrub with cones. Approx. 30cm


Date & Time

  2017-01-21 09:55 AM


  -36.775855 , 144.35674 : 215.514 m

Near Junortoun VIC 3551, Australia


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  1. David Francis  This one is a mystery to me. Does the flower-head ("cone") belong to the same plant? Were there others. We may have to wait for a flower.

    Reply • 28 Jan 2017

    • Andrew Brown  Yes all part of the same plant and there were a small group of these plants. When I saw the 'cones' they reminded me of Isopogons.

      Reply • 28 Jan 2017

  2. David Francis  I'm beginning to think this is Epacris impressa. Leaves, stems match and I can see the start of red flower buds in the axils of the leaves. I don't know what the "cone" like structures are, unless they are on the tip of shoots in which case they could be shrivelled developing leaves.

    Reply • 30 Jan 2017

    • Andrew Brown  Interesting thoughts David, I've not seen any heaths around here before? I have to go back for a good look.

      Reply • 30 Jan 2017

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