Small brown moth approx. 15mm

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  2016-12-23 11:26 PM


  -36.77842 , 144.381503 : 204.821 m

Near Junortoun VIC 3551, Australia


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  1. David Francis  This moth has more than 4 spots. I think quadriguttata has just the two black spots on each side, giving a total of four.

    Reply • 08 Jan 2017

    • Andrew Brown  It matches images on ALA and a description from -"The adults are a uniform brown colour, with a row of two or four black dots across each fore wing."

      Reply • 09 Jan 2017

      • David Francis  Goodo - just wondering. Shows that you can't rely too much on the meaning of the name ("quadriguttata" = "four drops"). This could even be referring to something other than the wing spots. I'm enjoying all your great observations.

        Reply • 09 Jan 2017

  2. Andrew Brown  Revised id. to D. casta because of the large number of caterpillars around soon after these moths appeared. See later observations of the Black slug cup-moth caterpillars stripping young gums of their leaves and even bark once the leaves are eaten!

    Reply • 23 Jan 2017

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