Brisbane Ranges - Birds

Brisbane Ranges - Birds

by Chris Lindorff


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Need help with the ID - two stills and the video show many angles.

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  2016-12-21 02:29 PM


  -37.804775 , 144.297962 : 232.908 m

Near Balliang VIC 3340, Australia


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  1. Andrew Allen  It seems to have a pronounced brow, thick legs and a round-ish tail so I would think Brown Goshawk fits best, but not certain. Perhaps posting images on the facebook Australian Bird Identification group would get a more confident ID.

    Reply • 22 Dec 2016

  2. Cathy Powers  Andrew-I thought that might be the ID. Looks like a juvenile. Excited to have it spend the time at the water tub.

    Reply • 22 Dec 2016

  3. William Terry  Brown Goshawk Juvenile

    Reply • 22 Dec 2016

  4. Cathy Powers  Thanks for all the help with the ID

    Reply • 22 Dec 2016

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