Woodlands Historic Park Insects and Spiders

Woodlands Historic Park Insects and Spiders

by Andrew Allen


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Damselfly. Can't pick the species at the moment...

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  2016-12-21 02:30 PM [Melbourne]


  -37.649068 , 144.862584 : m


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  1. David Francis  Suggest Austrolestes cingulatus (female) http://photos.rnr.id.au/Data/Animals/Insects/Odonata/Austrolestes%20cingulatus.html

    Reply • 22 Dec 2016

  2. David Francis  Update: I'm just relying in Reiner's website but I don't think this is analis as the yellowish antehumeral stripe only has a small posterior mark with little overlap.

    Reply • 10 Jan 2018

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