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Looks like an Eryngium, Prickfoot on steroids! Anyone got any ideas?

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  2016-12-02 09:16 AM


  -38.377073 , 142.557405


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  1. David Francis  VicFlora says Eryngium vesiculosum is quite variable in size, so this could just be a large specimen.

    Reply • 02 Dec 2016

  2. Chris Lindorff  The bluish tinge to floral bracts indicates Eryngium ovinum.

    Reply • 03 Dec 2016

  3. Chris Lindorff  Although, grant you that the plant otherwise looks like E.vesiculosum.

    Reply • 03 Dec 2016

  4. Kevin Sparrow  It is growing in a wetland so ovinum is unlikely. It has been a very wet year by any standards so maybe it is a well developed vesciculosum but the other E v's nearby are all normal size and nowhere near advanced towards flowering. Thanks for your help guys.

    Reply • 03 Dec 2016

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