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A small moth (about 12mm long) with posture like some pyralids
but different looking head
and interesting antennae which seemed locked together.

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  2016-11-06 11:36 PM


  -37.899511 , 145.311486 : 158.93 m

Near Upper Ferntree Gully VIC 3156, Australia


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  1. Cathy Powers  Nacoleia rhoeoalis species id suggested

    Reply • 09 Nov 2016

    • Mark Ridgway  Thanks Cathy. Do you know anything about the fused antennae?

      Reply • 09 Nov 2016

      • Cathy Powers  Not really but here is a possibility. I have photos of this moth and some have separated antennae and some appear to be 'fused'. Perhaps they come out of the cocoon with fused antennae and eventually the antennae move apart. Your moth looks really fresh.

        Reply • 10 Nov 2016

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