Macedon Regional Park & Environs - Native Plants

Macedon Regional Park & Environs - Native Plants

by David Francis


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Leaves fleshy, distinctly ribbed on the outside. Apex of mid-lobe of column (yellow part) somewhat dorsally compressed with a V-notch. Lateral lobes of column with a terminal tuft of white hairs, extending horizontally and converging. More than 5 flowers per stem (I can count 7 or 8 including the buds).

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  2016-11-07 04:12 PM


  -37.417498 , 144.554378


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  1. David Francis  Still working on species id. Can anyone help?

    Reply • 08 Nov 2016

  2. Chris Lindorff  David, my suggestion is Thelymitra peniculata.

    Reply • 08 Nov 2016

  3. David Francis  Thanks, Chris. It keys out to peniculata (Jeanes;Muelleria 19: 19–79 (2004) if I guess that the leaf is <75% of the inflorescence. (leaves are cut off and inflorescence not fully extended).

    Reply • 08 Nov 2016

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