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Note the frilly margin of the labellum which is square and notched at the apex.(Distinguishes it from Microtis parviflora which has a non-frilly labellum that tapers to a point without the notch - triangular-shaped.) Update: Close-up photos showing labellum detail added. Note the variation in the shape/notching of the labellum. Some flowers only have minute notching on a square-ended labellum. Others have two rounded lobes with one shallow notch between them **but there is no gap or "decurved point" between the lobes**. That makes it M. unifolia, I think, even though a proportion of the flowers have a bilobed labellum. Looking at photos elsewhere, it seems that the id feature "labellum pendulous - not pressed against ovary" can be seen in both arenaria and unifolia.



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