Species information:
The most widespread and variable variety of A. leprosa.
Spindly shrub 2 - 5 m tall.
Phyllodes 5 - 11 cm long, 7 - 25 mm wide, shiny/sticky with 2 main veins, the more central vein usually being the most obvious.
Branchlets glabrous with yellow-green longitudinal bands with dark resin between when young (2nd and 3rd photos). Some peduncles with obvious short pale appressed hairs.
Flower heads globular, 2 per leaf axil, pale yellow to lemon-yellow.
Flowers Aug - Nov.


Date & Time

  2016-09-24 02:45 PM


  -37.495991 , 144.521438


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  1. David Francis  Identification: If the yellow-green bands in the 3rd photo were broader, more obviously completely glabrous, and the dark resin thicker, not just a thin veneer, and the branchlets flexuose, I would say it was Acacia verniciflua. Otherwise it could be Acacia leprosa var. graveolens.

    Reply • 25 Sep 2016

  2. Chris Lindorff  On the characters, I like A. leprosa var. graveolens.

    Reply • 26 Sep 2016

  3. David Francis  Acacia leprosa var. graveolens species id suggested

    Reply • 26 Sep 2016

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