Amanita armeniaca


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  2011-04-30 03:39 PM [Melbourne]


  -38.116821 , 141.816082 : 69.629 m

Near Homerton VIC 3304, Australia


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  1. Tom May  This looks OK for Amanita armeniaca - especially the way that the annulus (ring) is very high on the stipe, and there is a band of orange colour around the edge of the annulus. The species can have a much more richly coloured orange pileus, but pale forms like this are also seen. It would be good to be able to see the underside to confirm the colour of the lamellae - which would be quite pale in this species, but dark brown for a mature Agaricus. This is an interesting record, as other sightings of this species are all from Melbourne eastward.

    Reply • 10 Jul 2016

  2. Lorraine Phelan  Thanks Tom. I'll have a look through the other photos I took that day to see if the underside colour is evident.

    Reply • 28 Aug 2016

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