This female adult felt scale looked like a 5 mm long and wide, slightly raised peach-coloured patch on a leaf. The leaf surface surrounding it was damaged. faint body segments could be seen on the upper surface which had wispy white waxy secretions. The underside (pic 1) showed three pairs of legs, a slight depression between the first pair of legs ( ? mouth) and well defined abdominal segments. A pair of antennae were visible when the scale was turned over.
Spotted on a eucalyptus tree in a reserve. Several leaves were affected by these scale but there was no more than one per leaf.
My thanks to Dr Lyn Cook who identified this as Lobimago sp. , a Lobe-margin Felt Scale. Family: Eriococcidae
Dr Cook writes " Was in genus Lachnodius but transferred to Lobimago by Hardy et al in 2011." . At present on ALA as Lachnodius.


Date & Time

  2015-10-17 12:04 PM


  -37.908283 , 145.311896 : 167.609 m

Near Upwey VIC 3158, Australia


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  1. David Francis  Lachnodius sp. added (Weird-looking creature!)

    Reply • 11 Feb 2016

    • Leuba Ridgway  Thank you David. I agree it is weird, especially the flesh colouring and the concept of having a mouth in its chest !!

      Reply • 13 Feb 2016

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