Insects and other Invertebrates of Riddells Creek

Insects and other Invertebrates of Riddells Creek

by Russell Best


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On my fly screen.

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  2015-11-24 12:38 PM


  -37.458476 , 144.683219 : 377.952 m

Near Riddells Creek VIC, Australia


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  1. Ellena Best  good job nanna for doing your very first observation! love ellie.G

    Reply • 24 Nov 2015

  2. Chris Lindorff  Hi Pam. Nice observation. It may look similar to a beetle, but is in fact a bug - a true bug. I am not certain of the species, but maybe someone else can help in time. Regards. Chris.

    Reply • 24 Nov 2015

  3. David Francis  Hi Pam. A very interesting shield bug or stink bug. Note the pale line down the middle which I think is the identifying feature. Well done!

    Reply • 25 Nov 2015

  4. David Francis  First record of this species for Riddells Creek and NatureShare!

    Reply • 25 Nov 2015

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