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Can anyone identify, please?


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  2015-11-06 03:45 PM


  -37.420328 , 144.570518 : 491.986 m

Near Macedon VIC 3440, Australia


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  1. Francis Ebury  Taken today in our garden. Can anyone ID please?

    Reply • 06 Nov 2015

  2. Chris Lindorff  Hi Francis. Perhaps a member of the long legged flies family Dolichopodidae.

    Reply • 06 Nov 2015

  3. Chris Lindorff  Hi Francis. Did you have a particular species name to assign to this observation? Our insect database of names is extensive, but far from complete, so if the name doesn't exist here just let me know and I'll add it. Cheers. Chris.

    Reply • 09 Nov 2015

    • Francis Ebury  Hi, Chris, sorry to be so long replying. I did find it on a subsequent attempt. Kind regards

      Reply • 13 Nov 2015

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