Cormobates leucophaeus

White-throated Treecreeper

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  2015-09-18 12:20 PM


  -36.730028 , 143.631052 : 334.237 m

Near Bealiba VIC 3475, Australia


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  1. Chris Lindorff  Hi Thomas. I would suggest this bird to be the more common White-throated Treecreeper. The brow is not white, but rather a small white lining to the upper side of the eye. The White-browed Treecreeper has not previously been recorded this far south and prefers alternative habitat (usually Buloke or Belah). Also, I believe that in the flesh the White-browed Treecreeper is noticeably smaller (something of the which the photo cannot reveal).

    Reply • 22 Sep 2015

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