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This is one of a pair of Australian Magpies observed locally with this unusual colouring. Possibly descendants of a 'partially' albino Magpie seen in the area in the past.


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  2014-11-17 10:23 AM


-37.585887 , 144.73846 : 202.521 m

Near Sunbury VIC 3429, Australia


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  1. Suzanne Jones  So unusual.

    Reply • 24 May 2015

  2. David Francis  Interesting. I think this partial albinism is called leucism (The bird is said to be "leucistic"). Perhaps this could be added as as "tag".

    Reply • 24 May 2015

  3. Linley McGlashan  Thanks David. Tag added.

    Reply • 25 May 2015

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