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Bird found sitting on the window sill in the shed. Brown Thornbill??

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  2015-04-12 11:16 AM


-38.082021 , 147.086052 : 12.586 m

Near Cobains VIC 3851, Australia


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  1. David Francis  Yes, Brown Thornbill. (Buff scallops on forehead and large dark red eye). What's that on its foot?

    Reply • 13 Apr 2015

    • Suzanne Jones  Thanks. Not sure what is on its foot - maybe cobweb?? We didn't notice it at the time I took the photos. The bird was very quiet and approachable. Graeme just opened the shed window a bit wider and it flew away.

      Reply • 13 Apr 2015

  2. Chris Lindorff  Agree with David - Brown Thornbill. Would suggest an adult or near-adult bird.

    Reply • 13 Apr 2015

    • Suzanne Jones  Thanks. We thought juvenile, mainly because it was so quiet, but I really didn't know. Didn't panic at all when we approached it.

      Reply • 13 Apr 2015

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